Friday 2nd March 2012

by nikaugabrielle

Katherine, Emma and Maddy and our mate, the bouncer.

This photo makes me laugh because no one knew he was there…till they saw the photo. They all wore beanies on the same day, by accident? or because beanies are cool. Huffer sent them down the runway along with some awesome raincoats. I want a raincoat, no I need a rain coat. It would be perfect for our Auckland weather. Any way Collection 4 was the coolest so far. The standout outfit for me was the Workshop leather dress, worn with highlighter yellow sunnies. So fly. I liked the Huffer collection too, even more then when I saw them at Fashion Week. After the show we went back to Ken Yakitori Bar. It was even better this time!

Matt in Huffer, cool shirt and beanie and raincoat

Kendell in Workshop, cool collar

Huffer, i like this look, its super cute.

back stage touch ups

THIS was the standout for the entire show. Sakura rocked this leather Workshop dress.

backstage, cool glasses much

Workshop denim dress

Kelvin in Helen Cherry, loved it, the designer herself was wearing one backstage

Me, Maddy, Lani, Emma and Katherine post show madness and hunger. We hit up Ken Yakatori again.

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