Sunday 15th April 2012

by nikaugabrielle

Hannah dancing in smoke and lasers

Last night my friend Sam invited me Michael Hodgson’s and his partner Lara’s going away party. I have to say it was one of the best parties I have been to. If you have ever seen Art in the Dark imagine that, add a DJ, a dance floor, smoke machine and we have my night last night. Michael is an award winning multimedia artist (aka lighting installation genius) and is part of PITCH BLACK. So basically the entire house was this huge art installation and the party was a leaving breathing experience of it. Awesome! Sadly they are moving to London so the best of luck. Photos below of what they did to the pool, mini light installations and more. Enjoy!

Lisa Reihana wearing a fox.. seriously, a fox!

Not a tungsten light in sight

Laser on the D floor

Candle lightTee light candles in lanterns at the entrance

Mini city made of cut out cardboard and light.Michael, our lighting extrodinaire and host on the D floor

The beautiful Anoushka

Tasslesthe DJ set
Shadows are funThis was their pool, they emptied it and were projecting these awesome graphics on to it. The DJ was killing itSome cool shoes, I thought they matched the vibe

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