Tuesday 17th April 2012

by nikaugabrielle

1. Martin Creed @ Michael Lett Gallery

2. Eightthirty* coffee: it is tough call but I do believe they make the best coffee in Auckland.

3. I had a fitting this week with LaniSays and stylist Jenny Ha for an exciting new collaboration (see photo below!)

4. Sneak preview of the range I will be launching this Winter. Watch this space.

5. This post by my cousin Isaac(Likes) about his ex girlfriend Josefina, is the most honest, intriguing, moving and revealing story I have read in awhile. He writes some goodies but this one tells all!

6. Is this not this most pimped out bike you have ever seen? Flowers, dirt guards, wooden crate, white leather seat WITH SUSPENSION and a bell.

7. If you don’t know about the Army Surplus store on K road…you are missing out. Good quality, imported and local army gears, satchels, parachutes and more. Get there!

8. This weeks resolution is to eat healthy. Minus the Whittakers bittersweet chocolate bar I had today and that home made banana bread I made… I am starting from now.

9. Speaking of food have you seen the Marmite Campaign? Those reassuring posters showing a rather distressed consumer. They make me laugh everytime.

10. Dislike: For some reason I thought that Whittaker had released a PEANUT BUTTER flavour and I was so excited. But I still haven’t seen it and I am wondering if I was mistaken. Did they release Peanut not Peanut butter? So sad.

11. Epic sunset I saw yesterday at Coxs Creek. Blew my mind. Sad to be leaving Grey Lynn… but I will always be a Grey Lynn Girl for life.

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6 Responses to “Taco Tuesday : The week thats been : Likes and Dislikes”

  1. Joanne Faith says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of #3! Those colours look awesome.

  2. First off, oh god the colours of those clothes are beautiful. I’m very very very excited to see them. Second off, I’ve heard tell from a friend who lives in Grey Lynn that he has tried the Whittaker peanut butter chocolate and it is amazing. So it should be in your hood somewhere! :-)

    • nikaugabrielle says:

      Thank you Maddi! Yes I went and brought a block :) it was pretty good but pretty intense! And yes I’m excited too about the collaboration and launching a range!x

  3. Sara says:

    YES!! They did release a PB chocolate bar;I had one today!
    look at this link>>>> http://www.odt.co.nz/opinion/opinion/205674/tremendous-winter-whittakers-good-hands

  4. charlotte says:

    Try Countdown at 277 Newmarket for the Whittakers Peanut Butter chocolate. Took me a while to track it down but it was there when I went a week or so ago!

    • nikaugabrielle says:

      THANK YOU!!! I brought a block today from the downtown Countdown, so excited to try it!

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