Anna-lise’s rings from left to right are; Boh Runga, her grandmother’s, Stolen Girlfriend’s Club, her Grandmother’s and Nga Waiata!

I am a little bit obsessed with rings. I love them, I think they are so telling about a person and can sometimes be revealing about ones past too. Every ring has its own story about how it came to be on that particular hand. Where did it come from? Who made it? Who gave it to you or did you find it? Was it a gift or is it a family heirloom? Here are some photos of peoples rings I have been collecting over the past few months.  Enjoy!

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Nga Waiata Rings

10 Apr 2012

i  love nga waiata rings

The lovely Nga Waiata sent me her rings for the photoshoot I did the other day and I just couldn’t get enough of them. They are beautifully made, original in their design and comfortable to wear. There is something about the wood and the stone seamlessly merging that makes them look natural and appealing to me. I like big rings and these are chunky without being angular and uncomfortable. She stocks them at Zambess and Douglas & Bec in Auckland and you can buy them online here. I think this may be the perfect 21st Birthday present… hint hint. Photos below! Keep reading…

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Fashion vs Art

08 Apr 2012

Bree @ Clyne wearing Vesta cape and slip, Nga waiata rings.

At Elam we do these things called ‘critiques’. Basically, we sit around and talk about the art: the processes involved, the positives, the negatives, and the justification behind every single decision. It can be nerve racking because lets face it, no one likes to have their personal work ripped to shreds. It can also be interesting hearing everyone’s perspectives. When I showed these photos to my class mates we began that heated debate about art and fashion. The differences and the similarities. I reminded everyone that art is commercial too. Some contemporary artists run their studio practice like fashion houses, employing numerous assistants and technical staff. I think the fashion and art world collide in so many ways. In terms of my  photography I see editorial shoots as art works because the process of creating these kinds images requires just as much consideration as any art making process. I think the kind of technical skills required to shoot an amazing fashion editorial are under valued in art institutions like Elam. (Yes it is more complicated then this and I am not saying I have amazing technical skills.) I also think that fashion editorials can be conceptually engaging because imagery is such a powerful tool, if you can master it.

These photos are a modern interpretation of those haunting Maori colonial portraits. Bree is a stunning Maori model from New Plymouth. She is wearing  garments by Shona Tawhiao and Vesta and pounamu rings by Nga Waiata.

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My name is Nikau Gabrielle Hindin. Looking at photographs of beautiful things is one of my favourite ways to pass time. So I thought, why not make my own blog dedicated to exactly this. What follows is a series of photographs (taken by me) of fashion, beautiful things and people. x

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